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Nisha Kapoor, Deport Deprive Extradite. 21st century state extremism, Verso, 2018.

In 2012 five Muslim men—Babar Ahmad, Talha Ahsan, Khalid al-Fawwaz, Adel Abdul Bary, and Abu Hamza—were extradited from Britain to the US to face terrorism-related charges. Fahad Hashmi was deported a few years before. Abid Naseer and Haroon Aswat would follow shortly. They were subject to pre-trial incarceration for up to seventeen years, police brutality, secret trials, secret evidence, long-term detention in solitary confinement, citizenship deprivation and more. Deport, Deprive, Extradite draws on their stories as starting points to explore what they illuminate about the disciplinary features of state power and its securitising conditions.

In looking at these stories of Muslim men accused of terrorism-related offences, Nisha Kapoor exposes how these racialised subjects are dehumanised, made non-human, both in terms of how they are represented and via the disciplinary techniques used to expel them. She explores how these cases illuminate and enable intensifying authoritarianism and the diminishment of democratic systems.



Nisha Kapoor and Kasia Narkowicz, ‘The Character of Citizenship: denying the rights of asylum seekers and criminalising dissent‘, Open Democracy, 20 May 2017.

Nisha Kapoor ‘Deport Deprive Extradite: The Removal of Rights in Terrorising Times‘, Discover Society, 1 July 2015.

Academic Journal Articles 

Nisha Kapoor and Kasia Narkowicz ‘Unmaking Citizens: Passport Removals, Pre-emptive Policing and Reimagine Colonial Governmentalities‘, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 2017.

Nisha Kapoor ‘Removing the Right to Have Rights’, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2015.