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The case of X2’s citizenship deprivation is at the time of writing pending in the Special Immigration Appeals Commission. X2 is a British born man whose parents are Moroccan-born but since several decades British citizens. In February 2017 SIAC held a hearing [X2 Ruling 22 02 2017] considering two primary issues regarding X2’s citizenship deprivation; statelessness and potential ill-treatment in Morocco. The Secretary of State have argued that the state has ‘sufficient information /…/ to be satisfied that he will not be rendered stateless by the loss of his British citizenship’.

However, we met X2’s mother shortly after the letter of deprivation was issued. She said that X2 was born in Britain and have never even visited Morocco. She also said that her son did not have any other citizenship.

‘They said because I am Moroccan he can have Moroccan citizenship. But he can’t, because I’m not married in Moroccan law.’

SIAC has now ordered a preliminary issue to determine whether X2 has been made stateless by his deprivation. The court will draw on similar cases such as that of Minh Pham, al-Jedda and S1, T1 and others to determine this.

Key Sources

SIAC (2017) X2 Ruling (website Version) 22 02 2017 Appeal No. SC/132/2016 Date of hearing: 22nd February 2017