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L2 was stripped of his British citizenship in 2013 while in Nigeria.

In 2013, L2 lost his British passport in Nigeria and applied for a new one. This is when the Home Secretary signed an order removing his British citizenship. At the time of writing L2 was challenging this decision in the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC). The evidence against him heard in court is that the Home Secretary feared that he would have returned to London in order to ‘execute a Paris-style massacre’.

The appeals proceedings in SIAC lasted for two days, the second day being closed as secret evidence against L2 were heard. What was gathered from the first day, where evidence was heard from a secret service agent called ‘EZ’ all related to associations that L2 had to well-knows extremists such as Michael Adebolajo and Mohammed Emwazi as well as banned groups such as the al Muhajiroun and the Minbar Ansar Deen. Hugh Southey, who is L2’s barrister, argued that he denied being a member of these organisations and only being acquainted with its members. The issue of L2’s membership was heard in a closed hearing the following day where the agent gave evidence.

Apart from L2’s alleged associations, the secret services agent said that what led to L2’s citizenship deprivation was a trip he made with his wife in 2012 to Morocco and then overland to Nigeria. The agent argues that L2 travelled in order to fight with the Al Qaeda again French and Malian troops during the civil war there. L2 however argues that he was traveling with his pregnant wife to Nigeria.

Initially L2 wanted to boycott the SIAC trial writing that ‘you can do as you wish with me and grant me no respite’, but later confirmed that he wanted his appeal to go through.