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Deport Deprive Extradite is a research project that seeks to investigate the shifting dynamics of racism and the security state, thinking about the interconnections between counterterrorism policing and border control as they play out in the context of the War on Terror. Specifically, the project has aimed to chart different dynamics of expulsion – extradition to solitary confinement, citizenship deprivation, passport removals and deportation. In doing so the project not only examines what tools and technologies are being used and developed to manage, exclude and expel racially marginalized populations, it also asks what these processes reveal about the nature of the justice systems, state governing practices and arrangements.

We aim for this to be much more than a scholarly project.  Though led by academics this project has involved working closely with a range of individuals and organisations- lawyers, campaign and community organisations, human rights activists, journalists, as well as those who have been subject to some of these measures- without all of whom the research would have been impossible and much more limited in its focus.

In particular we thank CAGE, Islamic Human Rights Commission, HHUGS, Migrant Rights Network and the Institute for Race Relations for their assistance and engagement with the research.  We also thank Migrant Media who directed the films we have made.