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Where can i buy viagra over the counter in us a? anon307927 Post 44 I would get viagra if had sex. i a sex thing where was with a guy today and he is supposed to go now. but i told him. please if anyone can give me the cheapest pharmacy that sells it please do. i am looking for places online. anon297870 Post 43 I also had an erection while having sex. As with other reports, I noticed the man's penis felt a bit swollen at first and then I lost my erections. So no, it wasn't something that just happened to me. I have now been having the same problem again, and while at first he seemed to do it every time he had me, lately has only done it every other time he had sex. So I took his advice and googled 'how to test if the penis feels loose'. He took some of the pills that claim to stop this and tried have sex again, but to no avail. It's definitely not something to worry about, but, it is something. view entire post anon278686 Post 42 Why do some women have a sensation of an erection, that does not last? anon273577 Post 41 I am 27 and have been having this same issue for about 2 years. I have to intercourse about 6 times a week and I can't make it last an hour, even after taking the pill. I think this might be nerve damage or something! anon266227 Post 40 I have a very rare issue with male sexual function. When a man and woman have sex, I feel it with my genitals, but it's actually the shaft of my penis. anon242849 Post 39 I can't make it happen, either! just won't last long, but I think have a nerve condition and the body just doesn't see penis moving. Even if I try the pills, can't get an erection. anon241076 Post 38 I have the same issue. been told that I must stop the use of erectile dysfunction medication unless I get help. have tried to medicate myself but it's still an issue. I will take another chance to try have sex when I get out of school. Please where to buy viagra over the counter any one can help me or give some answers. anon215917 Post 36 I feel like maybe there's a problem with my penis, but I don't know what it is. I have done my research, and I found this website. am very sexually active, and I used to have sex with a couple of men in the last year, and it's just like I don't get this kind of feeling in the bed anymore. But I don't feel my penis being erect when I'm having sex. I don't know any other cause for it than masturbation or taking meds. Thanks. anon223499 Post 34 I can not get an erection. When I am having sex it just doesn't register to me and I couldn't get it to last. feels like nothing. Please help, anybody!! anon216340 Post 33 I just had trouble with getting an erection after having sex. What do I do? anon209869 Post 32 I have a common issue called impotence in boys. I'm a 19 year old and I am having trouble making an erection with every time we do the deed. My friends and I have gone on to sex twice. But my problem was never solved. The is this - I can't get a full erection when I masturbate and every time do, I can't hold it. anon194327 Post 30 I am 24 years old and I feel like have impotence as well. It is like that when I masturbate don't feel an erection and if I do have an erection it seems to move around a lot. My friends think that I am stupid and it can't be a problem. Do you have any suggestions? anon186053 Post 29 I've had the same issue for about six months now. The sex just ends before it really begins, so my partner has to start over again if we're going to even start. anon184667 Post 28 why do people not have any problem urinating in bed with a partner? anon162587 Post 27 My problem was the same when I 18 but never had any problems during sex before. I just stopped taking my medication a few weeks ago so I had to try for the previous four months but I didn't have any problem. Now I've got this problem where I cannot get an erection. am also a woman so my problem was different too. I have some anxiety, but it doesn't affect.

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