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NM is an individual that lost his British citizenship in 2009 while he was in Pakistan. NM’s appeal was rejected due to being late.

NM’s case is largely unknown but he is thought to be Pakistan-born. He lost his citizenship in June 2009 on grounds of national security rooted in accusations of being active with the group Lashkar-e-Taiba. NM was served a notice of his deprivation at the British High Commission in Islamabad. He was ill at that time and required regular hospital visits and bed rest. This contributed to NM missing the 28-day appeal window, subsequently applying for an extension of the time limit for appeal due to special circumstances. Despite that SIAC accepted that NM’s medical condition was an issue at the time of his deprivation, it rejected his appeal. The argument put forward by SIAC is that NM still could have appealed despite his illness. He did not do so, it was suggested, because a citizenship deprivation would not result in ‘severe consequences’ to him. Additionally SIAC argued that a deprivation of British citizenship would not render NM stateless as NM has kept him Pakistani citizenship.

Key Sources

SIAC (2009) The Honourable Mr Justice Mitting NM (SC/87/2009) and The Secretary of State For The Home Department. Judgement. TRS/25/2009, 6th October 2009, NM-oral-judgment-061009