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J2 lost his British citizenship in April 2013.

Little is known about the case of J2. What we known is that J2 got served a notice by the Home Secretary informing him of his citizenship deprivation in early April 2013. This was followed by a telephone conversation with his father who got told that a deprivation order was sent to J2’s last known address. Following that, a notice of appeal was put to the Special Immigrations Appeals Commission (SIAC). A law firm in Birmingham called Fountain Solicitors was nominated to represent J2 in his appeal against the citizenship deprivation. Yet as contact broke between J2 and his lawyers upon the failure to obtain funding by the lawyer, the case got struck out of SIAC due to inactivity. No other information is known about this case.

Key sources

SIAC (2014) J2 and The Secretary of State for the Home Department. Ruling. 31st January 2014. (Struck out) J2-Oral-Ruling-31Jan14