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Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman was born in Russia and held British citizenship until 2010, when she got stripped of her citizenship. The removal, justified that it was conducive to the public good, followed from news that Chapman was a Russian spy in the USA.

Anna Chapman was born Anya Kushchenko in Russia in 1982. Chapman completed her university studies in Moscow at the People’s Friendship University of Russia. In 2002 Chapman married a British man and lived together with him in London where she worked for a number of different companies. Anna lived in the UK for almost seven years before moving to the US following her divorce in 2006. Chapman then lived in New York where she worked with real-estate.

In 2010 her name became public as she was accused of being part of a Russian spy ring in the US, following the FBI operation ‘Ghost Stories’. She pleaded guilty and was subsequently sent back to Russia as part of a spy exchange between Russia and the US. In July 2010, a month after the news of her involvement broke out, Theresa May stripped her of her British citizenship and once deprived, excluded her from the UK. Chapman’s lawyer said that the news were surprising and upsetting to Chapman who hoped to return to the UK. Anna Chapman did not launch an appeal. She currently lives in Russia.

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