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Altin Arusha

Altin Arusha is a British citizen who during 2009 got deprived his citizenship based on claims of fraudulence. His deprivation was however overturned in 2012, making him one of only two individuals who managed to hold on to their British citizenship after the Secretary of State deprived them of it.

Altin Arusha was born in 1984 and at the age of 16 he applied for asylum in the UK. After initially having his asylum application rejected, a few years later Arusha got granted exceptional leave to remain in the UK on human rights grounds. He became naturalised as a British citizen in 2008. Arusha’s citizenship became endangered when his fiancée, Ugeza Demushi, who was an Albanian national applied for entry to the UK to live with Arusha. The authorities then investigated the couple and claimed to have found that Arusha was not born in Kosovo but instead in Albania which meant that his citizenship was obtained on fraudulent grounds. Consequently, in 2009, the Secretary of State deprived him of his British citizenship.

Uniquely, in 2012, Arusha’s citizenship deprivation was overturned, resulting in him being able to keep his British citizenship. This was based on the assertion of the court that the Secretary of State did not provide satisfactory evidence for his deprivation. Altin Arusha is one of only two people who successfully had their citizenship deprivation overturned, the other person is Abu Hamza. Maintaining his British citizenship, Arusha have been able to continue living in the UK.

Key Sources

Arusha and Demushi (deprivation of citizenship – delay) [2012] UKUT 80 (IAC)